As the twig is bent, so grows the tree

I kind of believe in this idiom especially when I start something very well. On September 8, I got on the plane from Istanbul to another country for the first time. I was supposed to be too excited to sleep but in half an hour I was in a deep sleep;)) and that night I was going to stay at Barcelona airport until the first bus in the morning. Luckily  I met a very nice and easygoing girl on the plane and we chatted all night so I did not feel alone in my first hours.

Later I caught the bus easily and enjoyed all the sightseeing from El Prat to El Vendrell. I saw some little towns and villages like Sitges, Castelldefels and so on. They were all so green and the weather was amazing so I remember smiling on the bus all the journey which ended up with meeting my smiling and symphathetic mentor.

Sozun Ozu:

Bir sey nasil baslarsa oyle gider derler ya ozellikle iyi seylerde kullanilasi bi soz. Ilk defa yurtdisina cikmama ragmen ucakta uyudum. Sonrasinda yanimdaki kizla muhabbete basladik, derken o gece El Prat’ta birlikte sabahladik. Cok rahat basladim yani bu yolculuga su an da cok rahat yasiyorum buralarda;)) Havaalanindan otobusle geldim El Vendrell’e, tum yol boyunca her kucuk kasabanin yesil ve tertemiz manzarasina gulumseyerek geldigimi hatirliyorum. Son olarak da guleryuzlu mentorumla bulusup basladim yeni hayata.

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