Spanish expressions / Speak like a local

Spending such a great time, I have been hearing some quite fun and important expressions to use in daily life.

1. tiquismiquis: fussy

I eat almost everything here so ‘no soy tiquismiquis’

2. Pijo/a: snob

If you have many apple products, you might be called ‘eres un pijo!’

3. Choni: silly, idiot

If there is a woman talking loudly about silly things, ‘ es choni’

4. Ser un crack: to be super

My friend learns English very fast, ‘es un crack’

5. Chulo: cool, funny, smart

There is a shop called Natura like Mudo in Turkey. ‘Es muy chulo’

6. Guiri: tourist

When I want to go to a flamenco show, I am called ‘guiri’ here;)

7. Ni fu ni fa: so-so

When you neither like nor dislike something, you say ‘ni fu ni fa’

8. Cabezota : Stubborn

Whenever I insist on sleeping on the sofa, I am said ‘¡Mira que eres cabezota!’

9. Chorrada : Nonsense.

Slang way to say that something is complete nonsense or ‘a bunch of crap’. ¡Qué chorrada!

10. Mucho ruido y pocas nueces: Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare)

When somebody talks about his aims a lot and then nothing changes in his life, it is the best phrase to tell him. Besides, it is one work of Shakespeare.

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