Sevilla, the capital of Andalucia

Sevilla made us feel at home during 4 days. It is a city where you can walk everywhere easily. The houses and buildings in each street are very colorful. There is a river which has beautiful bridges and it is a nice place to relax and enjoy the view. You can see Torre de Oro next to the river. Other places to visit Real Alcazar, Cathedral (the biggest in the world), plaza de España ( the mosy beautiful square I’ve seen in Spain), and Parque María Luisa. You can rent a bike and travel through the city easily with it.
As for the food, the tapas are great and cheap but paella is worse than valencian paella. The coffee also is a bit strong; that’s why we went to Starbucks everyday. It was a nice decision for us to celebrate the new year’s eve in Sevilla as we had an unforgettable night.

Sozun Ozu:
Sevilla bize evimiz gibi geldi. Sakinliği, güzelliği, kolaylığıyla gönlümüzü fethetti. Tepesi yokuşu yok, bisikletle rahatça gezilebilir. Şehrin ortasındaki nehrin kıyısında oturulup manzarasına saatlerce bakılabilir. Yemekleri de ucuz ve güzel. Real Alcazar, Cathedral, plaza de Espana, Maria Luisa parkı gezilip örülecek yerlerden birkaçı. Hepsine yürüyerek gidilebilir. Yeni yıla güle oynaya Sevilla’da girmiş olduk biz de;))


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