Triple Treat: Prague – Vienna – Bratislava

We had a short but lovely trip to see these European cities and their famous Christmas markets in December 2017. We started our journey by flying from Skopje to Memmingen, Munich with Wizzair which we appreciate a lot for its cheap and convenient flights. From Munich we drove to Prague in a super cool (rented) BMW car thanks to our friend who works for them:)

Prague, Czechia

As we are so used to customs and police officers at the borders in Balkans, it was a surprising pass for us as the only thing we did was pay the highway fee through a machine next to a gas station. However, we would feel the difference between Germany and Czechia by looking at the billboards on the highway. They began to advertise the casinos and other nightlife offers.  We arrived in Prague at noon and luckily it was a sunny day. On Airbnb, we had booked a flat in Vinohrady district which is a quiet and old neighborhood with many restaurants and cafes. It turned out to be really cozy flat with a foosball in the kitchen. We walked from the flat to the centre every day.

When you hear or read that Prague is a Fairytale City, do not think it’s an exaggeration. Its streets, buildings, castles and churches and the combination of all these are extremely beautiful. You need to go up to a high building in the heart of the city to see with your own eyes. I recommend T-Anker Terrace where we took the photo below. It is also very cute place with a rich menu. We learned about this place from our guide of free walking tour. If you can, I think you should join such tours to listen to a local expert telling history of the city with so many details and you may also get special tips. Then you will take a stroll around the city to see Charles Bridge, Prague Castel, St. Vitus Cathedral and many more famous landmarks. For food and drinks, you may check spottedbylocals.

Keep in mind that the city way too crowded due to Christmas Markets in December but the markets are so lovely!

Vienna, Austria

After Prague, I thought I wouldn’t like another city that much but I loved Vienna a lot. It has historical and well-preserved buildings all around the city. It is quite modern at the same time. Schonbrunn and Hofburg Palaces were the first sites we stared at in surprise. Then St. Stephen’s Cathedral took our breath away. We walked around the city all day ad spent the night at Spittelberg Christmas Market. Its cute red trams are pretty accessible and it is the fifth largest tram network in the world. You can get the tickets from the machines at underground stations and go wherever you want to.

Vieanna is of course more expensive than Prague. One mulled wine is 3 Euro in Prague but 5-6 Euro in Vienna at the Christmas Markets. I think that’s why it has fewer tourists but more good-looking and polite Viennese around.

We again stayed in a flat via Airbnb and loved it. The only surprise was its bathroom. The tap/sink and shower are in another room but the toilet is in another. So different from our culture:)

Bratislava, Slovakia

Our last stop was the smallest, cutest and cheapest city in Slovakia. We spent only 4-5 hours there but walked around almost every corner. It has also a pretty old town, Stare Mesto, with historical buildings and churches. Here a glass of mulled wine was only 1 Euro!

Enjoy travelling!

Sozun Ozu:

Aralik 2017’de Prag, Viyana ve Bratislava’yi kisaca gezdik. Wizzair sayesinde Uskup’ten Munih’e ucup ordan arabayla devam ettik. Burda ulkeler arasi geciste surekli gumrukten gecerken orda oyle bi sey yoktu tabi. Otoyol ucretini bi makineden oduyorsun o kadar ama ulke farkini reklam panolarindan anliyorsunuz, kumarhaneler, saunali oteller vs gibi reklamlar basliyor.

Prag dedikleri gibi Peri Sehri. Sehre tepeden bakmak da sokaklarinda yurumek de bi hayalin icindeymissin gibi hissettiriyor. Her sabah olan ucretsiz yuruyus turlarina katildik ve hem sehrin tarihiyle ilgili cok sey ogrendik hem yerel rehberden nerede ne yiyip icecegimize dair oneriler aldik. Sonrasinda T-Anker diye bi cati kati restoranina gittik. Hem ufak sevimli bi yer hem de sehrin en guzel noktalarini goren bi terasi var.

Meshur Charles Koprusu, Prag Kalesi, St. Vitus Katedrali ve sehir meydanlardaki Christmas marketleriyle hem gozumuzu gonlumuzu hem midemizi doyurdu Prag. Bu donemde sehir en kalabalik donemi yasiyormus ama bi de daha az kalabalik ve daha sicak oldugu zamanda tekrar gider goruruz dedik.

Viyana Prag’tan sonra kendine ozgu guzelligiyle ayri buyuledi beni. Hem cok tarihi ve duzenli bir mimarisi var hem de bunu modernligiyle cok guzel harmanlamis. Schonbrunn ve Hofburg Saraylari, birbirinden farkli muzeleri, St. Stephen Katedrali gibi binalarini ziyaret ettik ve ufak canli meydanlarinda yiyip icerek keyifli vakit gecirdik Viyana’da. Prag’tan daha sakin, daha pahali ama apayri bi havasi olan bir yer.


En son duragimiz bu ufak ve sirin sehir oldu. Slovakya’nin baskenti ama 4-5 saatte sehri avucunuzun ici gibi bilir hale gelebiliyorsunuz. Yine cok tarihi bi mimariye sahip ve sokaklarinda dolasmak tatli bir huzur veriyor. Ufak Christmas marketleri de diger iki sehre gore cok daha ucuzdu. Viyana’dan otobusle bi saatte gecebiliyorsunuz buraya ve bilet 5 Euro. Vaktiniz olursa gormeden gecmeyin derim.

Iyi gezmeler!

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