Göcek Archipelago

Göcek is the heaven of yachts. Having been in Fethiye in Mugla Province many times, I hadn’t seen Göcek islands and coves until this summer since these places can be visited only by boats. As a group of friends, we had a chance to rent a yacht and explore those breathtaking spots and it’s turned out to be my best vacation ever. The biggest reason is that I literally overcame my fear of deep sea. There was no other way but swim in that crystal clear but deep water. Another reason is that we never worried about carrying our staff or changing clothes every day or choosing a restaurant. We woke up and swam and then had a breakfast and swam; came back for a drink and swam; eat lunch and play some games and swam. The days went on like that.

All the coves are distinctively beautiful in Göcek and all have their own stories. Our storyteller captain who was from that town shared the stories that locals believe in. They were in general love stories of course. What else to expect in such romantic and quiet places of Mediterranean! Some of the coves’ names that I remember are Scream, Bedri Rahmi, Yassica, Tersane, Hamam, Aquarium and Cleopatra.

There is an usual way of living there. Some big supermarkets, ice cream sellers, and mezze makers have their own boats that go around the yachts to ask if people need anything. It is not hard to find a hot bread in the middle of the sea. If you feel like eating or drinking something you don’t have, it can be brought to you only with a phone call.

I strongly recommend to go see those amazing coves either with daily boat trips or rented boats/yachts to spend the night on the sea, under the stars.

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